We encourage you to get personally involved in raising funds for the Foundation’s statutory activity. Help us to help, become a fundraiser of KREA Vitae Foundation.

We invite you to join the group of people supporting the activities of the Foundation. As part of creating a committed community of people of good will, we offer you to become a consul or ambassador of the KREA Vitae Foundation. Referring to traditional titles associated with diplomacy, we want to grant prestige to people who share our vision and create a network of institutions supporting the statutory activity of the Foundation. A consul is a person who will secure donations of €10,000 and above, while an ambassador is a person who will provide the Foundation with funds of at least €100,000. Donations can come from an individual’s own resources or from individuals and institutions that our fundraiser will encourage to cooperate with the Foundation. By creating an active environment of people advocating for the Foundation and raising donations, you join the elite KREA Vitae club – a group of people involved in the Foundation’s activities who make good deeds for children and young people and, additionally, thanks to their active attitude have a chance to networking and take part in a number of prestigious events.

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