After the difficult experiences of the twentieth century and in the face of numerous crises, today’s world provides an unprecedented opportunity for development under conditions of peace. In many regions of the world, both developed and less stable, we could build well-being and pass on experiences worth sharing. At KREA VITAE Foundation we combine the financial success achieved in the course of our business activity with knowledge and experience gained during cooperation with many non-governmental organisations and social activities on the international arena into a synergy of ideas and possibilities of action. We want to create a better world. We want both to share our own financial means and to act effectively in order to gain additional funds, which will allow us to expand our activity. We are working on implementing modern financial techniques and tools that will enable us to access additional capital. Innovative approach to building the Foundation’s resources will allow us to carry out even more initiatives, but also provide our partners and donors with a real impact on the direction of the Foundation’s work and projects.

Within the framework of our activity, we plan to directly help children and youth through various scholarship programs and financing education tailored to the child’s preferences and predispositions, preparing them for entering adulthood and future professional work. By organizing events, seminars and conferences aimed at raising awareness of the problems faced by the young generation, we want to support indirect actions leading to the improvement of living conditions and implementation of new solutions in the teaching process. We are sensitive to the necessity of helping in emergency situations and are ready to intervene so that we can help with great effectiveness – here and now.

In cooperation with partner institutions, we are primarily concerned with local action, but also, in parallel, with developing international cooperation, financing projects for the peaceful cooperation of nations, supporting cultural education, and educating young people about the world’s cultural heritage. We believe that the values of international dialogue, promotion of education and international youth exchange, allowing especially teenagers and students to get to know different cultures and make friends in other countries, will be part of the work that KREA VITAE Foundation can do to make our world safer and friendlier for future generations.

We plan our activities in several content areas:

  • Education of younger and older children, adolescents and students, ultimately preparing them for professional development and adequate preparation to enter adult life;
  • Intervention and assistance activities in areas where children’s well-being is particularly at risk;
  • Creating infrastructure for child development, from access to clean water, to medical and educational facilities;
  • Actions on physical health of children and adolescents, nutrition issues in areas of poverty, learning about proper nutrition in developed countries, promotion of sports activities and education through sports;
  • Actions for children’s mental health and proper psychological development, promoting the establishment of personal relationships and interaction in the real world and forming positive behavior towards the developing social media and virtual world;
  • Building an open society through youth exchange programs, educational activities for peace and development of democratic institutions and civil society;
  • Encouraging the exploration of cultural achievements and developing interest in the arts – education through visual arts, music, dance, etc., supporting the creativity of young people;
  • Shaping friendly space for children and youth in urban and rural areas, fostering spending time together in the real world – building model educational playgrounds, spaces in housing estates, rooms in public and privately owned buildings.


Piotr Gulczyński, an experienced manager and animator of social projects, has been involved in managing non-governmental organizations for many years. In the 1990s he co-founded and led the Academic Section of the Euro-Atlantic Association. He was an assistant to professor Władysław Bartoszewski and an associate of the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation. Since 1997 he has been associated with the Lech Walesa Institute Foundation, initially as the Coordinator of International Cooperation and in the years 2000–2014 as President of the Board. Since 2006 member of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and in 2013 Head of the Organizing Committee of the 13th World Summit in Warsaw. 

In 2015 Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Ronald Reagan Foundation in Poland, and from May 2015 to August 2019 served as President of the Board of Directors of the Health in Aging Foundation, to which he has been associated since 2014, being a member of the Programme. From 2010–2012 appointed by the President of Poland to the Advisory and Consultative Committee of the National Security Review. From 2012 to 2018, a member of the Programme Board of the European Forum for New Ideas organized by the Lewiatan Confederation. Since 2015, as a private entrepreneur, he is involved in projects implemented in Poland, Italy, the United States and Mexico.

My work in non-governmental organisations – in the world of foundations, associations and other forms of civic activism that have brought much positive change to the world over the past decades – has continued uninterrupted for more than a quarter of a century. Along the way, I have had the privilege of meeting many world leaders, leaders of social and spiritual movements. All of them share the common view that the key to a better future for the world, lies in education and caring for the development of children and youth. Today, co-creating and leading the KREA Vitae Foundation, I am delighted to be able to contribute my experience and share the message of the greatest of this world, for the creation of this better future.

— Piotr Jerzy Gulczyński

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