As a Foundation we assume a broad spectrum of activities in terms of the aid provided and in the territorial context. We wish to acquire local partners who, knowing their environment the best and the needs of children and young people in specific places and ranges, will support us in direct activities and indicate places for aid distribution. We are interested in contacting both specialised partners, e.g., those providing psychological assistance, running integration activities or community centres, as well as organisations distributing food aid, involved in the creation of medical facilities, or other centres operating locally and familiar with the specificity of places where we would like to support young people.

An institution – a school, a hospital or an organisation, an association or a local foundation, which will undertake cooperation with us, depending on the scope of help provided, in our assumption may also become a consulate or embassy of the KREA Vitae Foundation, reaching out directly to those in need, providing e.g. financial and food aid or organising educational activities.

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