World Press Freedom
Day Conference

KREA VITAE Foundation is a partner of the Youth Press Room during the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Conference

4 May 2022, Punta del Este, Uruguay

The KREA VITAE Foundation in cooperation with the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates participated in the recruitment of young journalists invited to cover and report on the annual UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Global Conference organised on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. Additionally, we were invited to co-participate as a partner in the panel discussion “PRESS FREEDOM: Case studies from around the World“, which took place on 4 May on the Zoom platform as part of the conference. During the panel, three teams of students from Mexico, South Africa and India presented the results of their research on press freedom in their countries.

“Freedom of the media, the possibility to access verified information, reliable journalism – these are the foundations for the education of young people. They give a chance to really know the world, to avoid fake news. On the occasion of this conference, as well as further educational activities of the KREA Vitae Foundation planned together with the Press Club Poland, we want to act for the access of young people to verified information about world problems and possibilities of development. We consider it as a basis in education and development of young people’, said Piotr Gulczyński, the Chairman of the Board of the KREA Vitae Foundation.

This year’s global conference to mark World Press Freedom Day brought together nearly a thousand participants from 86 countries in Punta del Este, Uruguay. In total, some 3,400 people registered to attend more than 60 online and offline sessions over the three-day conference.

The conference provided a platform for participants and all stakeholders to come together and try to find solutions to the most pressing challenges of the digital age and to develop concrete solutions to the threats to press freedom and privacy posed by increased surveillance.

3 May is a day to remind governments to respect their press freedom commitments, and a day of reflection among media professionals on the issues of press freedom and journalistic ethics. Importantly, World Press Freedom Day is a day of solidarity with media against which actions are taken to limit or deprive them of their freedom of expression. It is also a day to remember journalists who have given their lives in search of the truth.

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